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A pallet jack is a very handy, and often necessary, piece of equipment for moving heavy loads on pallets around a warehouse.  Not only does it assist in avoiding bodily injuries, it also speeds up time loading trucks and arranging stock in the right place in the warehouse.

So, now you know you need a pallet jack… now you need to decide which pallet jack is right for you and your warehouse.  Let’s have a look at the various types of pallet jacks in the market.


Manual Pallet JackManual Pallet Jack

This is the most common type of pallet jack available.  The operator uses the hydraulic pump by pumping the lever on the handle up and down to lift or lower the pallet load.

The manual pallet jack has the capacity to a carry load up to 3 tonns. It is best used when moving stock around short distances.



Electric Pallet Jack

Electric Pallet Jack (Battery Operated)

This pallet jack is powered by a battery and is twice the size of a standard manual jack.  The operator walks behind it.  There are no levers to pump up and down, as everything is operated with a press of a button.

It can handle heavier loads than the manual… up to 2700kgs.  This makes it ideal for warehouses where pallet loads are more than 2500kgs.  They are often used in loading docks.



Ride On Pallet Jack

Ride-on Pallet Jack

The ride-on pallet jack can be best described as an advanced version of an electric pallet jack that you walk behind. The operator steps up onto the pallet jack’s platform and drives it, making it extremely easy for the operator to move loads.

The downfall is that it can only take loads up to 1800kgs, however, the speed that the operator can move loads around, makes it a very popular choice.  It can also move stock over much longer distances, so is popular in very large warehouses.

It is very comfortable to operate and the battery powered mechanism enables operators to carry and transfer heavy loads quickly over large distances. This provides a comfortable working environment for operators, thereby promoting better productivity

So to summarise, the most important detail to keep in mind when choosing a pallet jack, is how heavy your pallet loads are, and what distances do they need to be moved around.

It is best to speak to a professional pallet jack company to find out which pallet jack best suits your warehouse.

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